Grangel Studios

Title Designer 

Carles Burgès has been an illustrator, designer and calligrapher at Grangel Studio since 1995.


Carles Burgès, among with the two co-funders of the studio Carlos and Jordi Grangel, are responsible for the visual development and title design of films such as The Prince of Egypt, The Corpse Bride, Madagascar, Kung-Fu Panda, Hotel Transylvania, Shark Tale, The Road to El Dorado to highlight only a few of more more than twenty titles, having also worked for the most prominent directors; Steven Spielberg himself, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Burton or Ridley Scott, among others.


Their designs have been nominated up to four times for the Annie Awards, Spirit, which won first prize in 2002, Shark Tale, The Corpse Bride and Hotel Transylvania. They have also been nominated three times for Oscars, for Spirit, The Corpse Bride and Pirates !.